Many people are affected by asthma, in fact, it is one of the most common lung diseases in the world. What is asthma, exactly?  Asthma is a chronic and long term lung disorder that inflames and shortens the airway. The most common sound people with asthma will make when under an attack is a wheezing or tightening of the chest cavity. 

But, what causes asthma?  Asthma is said to be caused by pretty much everything. Stress, dust, colds, food allergies and extreme physical activity are all common asthma triggers. It is very important to know the triggers of your asthma, so you can avoid the situation and hopefully not be affected with asthma symptoms. 

The scary part about asthma is the attack can be mild to severe. A severe case could be fatal. If the attack is not controlled, the sufferer will not be able to breathe. The asthma attack will restrict her air flow to a point that breathing would be impossible. There is no warning usually when an attack starts. It is sudden and asthma suffers say that no two attacks are the same. This is where knowing your trigger becomes vital for an asthma sufferer. They need to avoid their triggers. If you are allergic to pollen, avoid going outside with the pollen count is especially high.

One can live with asthma and still live a fulfilling life. They would need to avoid the situations that trigger an asthma attack and carry their fast acting inhalers where ever they go.