Eye Shadow

Eyeshadow gives a touch of color to a pale appearance and makes for more dramatic eyes.  Whether you have blue, brown, or green eyes, there something for everyone. 


Perhaps the first rule in eyeshadow to remember is to coordinate it with the color outfit youíre wearing. Wearing blue eyeshadow with a brown sweater is probably not the best choice; neither is wearing blue with an all green outfit.

Applying eyeshadow

Before applying your choice of eyeshadow, apply a thin layer of a neutral shade first. Next, with a light hand, apply color. Itís better to apply two thin layers of color than one thick one. Not enough is easier to correct than too much.


Shades of brown eyeshadow lend a touch of warmth to your eyes. Depending on your skin tone and outfit, choose from chocolate brown, bronze, rust, taupe or ivory.  Be discreet with color for daytime wear, be bolder for nighttime.


If you have green eyes, youíre more fortunate than most. Green eyes are mysterious. When choosing an eyeshadow, the deeper the tone, the more expressive your eyes will become. Give preference to smokey shades though, grass and moss green only looks good on Mother Nature.


Unless youíre aiming for a raccoon look, use caution when using dark gray eyeshadow. Light gray is safer and will ensure a cool look. 


Peach is one of the most popular eyeshadow colors as it creates a warm look and can be worn with any color outfit. Pay attention tough, peach is not the same as orange.


For a young and innocent look. Goes well with lilac or gray.


Blue eyeshadow is no longer fashionable, but if you must, wear only with a blue blouse or sweater.

Whatever color you choose to wear, keep in mind that less is more.