Five Symptoms of a Potential Pregnancy


"Could I be pregnant?" Are you asking yourself that question? If so, you are not alone. When it comes to pregnancy, the possibility of a pregnancy is by far the most common question that is asked among women. Every day, thousands of individuals all over the world are asking themselves this question. It's a question that you can potentially gain some insight on, thanks to this list of five of the most common symptoms of a pregnancy.


Changes in Your Breasts

A very common sign of a pregnancy has to do with certain changes in your breasts. These changes can include the breasts becoming swollen, sore, or even feeling tender to touch. These changes have to do with the change in a woman's hormone levels after a conception.


Another prime example of a pregnancy is an increase in fatigue. Yes, it's normal to feel tired after a long day at work. However, are you feeling even more fatigued then usual? Are you feeling fatigued on your day off? If you notice an increased level of fatigue, the answer may be a pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

By far one of the most common symptoms of a pregnancy that you hear about, and for good reason as it truly is quite common. This morning sickness may take hold in the form of a terrible nausea. However, unlike what the name suggests, this nausea can take place at all parts of the day. With this nausea, you may also notice unusual cravings, as well as foods that bring nausea at the slightest smell.

Missing A Period

Another very common symptom of a pregnancy. However, you should be cautious before jumping to conclusions over a missed period. There are many different reasons that you could miss a period. You can also experience some level of bleeding during a pregnancy, which may give you the impression that you did not miss a period. When in doubt, always speak to a doctor.

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is a pregnancy symptom that is often overlooked, but one that you should pay close attention to. Like most of these symptoms, urinating frequently can result from the hormonal balance of a pregnancy. Of course, if you notice that you are frequently urinating, this can also be a symptom of many different health-related issues.