Skin Care

Hand and body lotion

Using hand cream after your hands have been in contact with water will not only keep the skin supply and younger looking; this type of skin care will also benefit your nails and cuticles.

Body lotion should be applied after every bath or shower.


Ingredients to look for

Whether youíre buying moisturizer, hand cream or body lotion, pay attention to the ingredients on the label. Steer clear of products with a high content of glycerin or petroleum jelly. While both feel rich to the touch, they actually draw moisture to the surface, as such robbing your skin of what it so desperately needs.

Eating habits

What you eat and drink will greatly influence the condition of your skin too. Youíre not doing your skin any favors by eating a lot of fast foods and drinking lots of alcohol. For your skinís sake, eat three healthy meals a day, thus providing your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs. If you feel like a snack, reach for fruit or nuts.