Acne Treatment


 Acne plagues everyone at some point in their life. Luckily, there are many different types of treatment for acne. Treatments can include herbs, medication and special cleansers designed to dry up, get rid of and prevent future outbreaks of acne.

The holistic approach to getting rid of acne includes vitamins and special herb washes. Holistic experts suggest eating a diet rich with carrots and plenty of water. A good vitamin that includes zinc and a lot of vitamin A can also be a wonderful help in the fight against acne. Another great idea is to wash the face with witch hazel or green tea cleansers that will help tone the skin and dry out the acne.


Medicated ointment and special cleansers are also used in treatment of acne. Cleansers can be found in every department store and supermarket. Name brands such as Clearasil and Neutrogena are popular choices and can treat acne with various amounts of success. They come in different pleasing scents such as citrus, lavender or strawberries.  The main active ingredient in the most successful acne treatments is Benzyl peroxide. Studies have proven that this particular chemical is good at drying up and keeping acne from returning. Not only is this ingredient found in cleansers, it is also used in creams directly applied to the skin. Dermatologists can prescribe medication for tough to get rid of acne if typical treatments do not work.

Whether an herbal remedy or a chemical is used, there are many treatment options for people who suffer from acne. There are hundreds of products available so that each person can find the treatment that works best for their skin problems. It may seem discouraging when a treatment doesn't show an immediate improvement, but keep trying. There is the perfect solution for every person's acne woes.