Golden, glowing skin is appealing to women and men alike. Attaining that golden yellow skin, however, is not as easy as some people would like for it to be. Fortunately you really can obtain that sun-kissed skin that you dream of when you know how to tan the right way.  What are the options for obtaining a tan? There are several of them, actually.


A common tanning method is visiting the tanning bed. A tanning bed is one of the easiest, fastest ways to obtain a tan. Several types of tanning beds are available, including the stand-up spray beds for instant tans. In order to achieve a tan faster in the tanning bed, ensure that you use an accelerator before getting into the bed, and make your visits no more than two times per week.

Sunless tanning is another option for getting the tan of your desires. This includes tanning lotions and sprays. Sunless tanners are sold over the counter and provide you with an instant glow that disappears after a few showers. Anyone, regardless of their skin type of complexion, can use these sunless tanners for a golden glow in minutes of time.

Of course getting out and enjoying the sunshine that Mother Nature gives to us is another method of tanning. Outdoor sun exposure should be limited, and even while tanning you should ensure that you are following all of the proper safety precautions for tanning. For the maximum glow while tanning outdoors, ensure that you do not shower more than once per day. Also, ensure that you wait a minimum of four hours to shower after coming inside.

Many people choose to use a variety of the tanning methods to attain their glow, and this may be something that you also desire. No matter what, ensure that you are tanning safely and get that gorgeous glow without worry.